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What is Covered?

Index Based Livestock Takaful (IBLT) protects against prolonged lack of pasture ONLY as a result of severe drought. It helps pastoralists keep their livestock alive during a severe drought season.

The Index

Good pasture availability. Represents above the 70th percentile of pasture conditions over time. This is above normal and stable pasture condition

The index is a measure of pasture availability that is recorded by satellites, called the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI).

What Animals Are Covered

Who can take cover?

Any person shall be eligible for coverage under this Policy provided that at the date of application:

Note that during a payout, payment will be made based on the weather division where you are covered, not the current location of your herd.

Conditions For The Payouts To Be Made

Pastoralists are not always paid when there is a drought. They are only paid when a drought is so severe, that the amount of available pasture falls within the 20th percentile. Pastoralists who have not paid contributions are not covered by the Takaful Livestock Cover, and will not receive payments, even during severe drought.

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