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What Cover do I have?

The WIBA Takaful provides Indemnity to an Employer against Legal Liability under the Workmen Injury Benefits Act (2007) in respect of assessments and awards for bodily injury to a workman due to accident or occupational disease arising out of and in the course of the employment by the employer in respect of the employer’s business. The benefits provided under the Act are:

How much must I pay if I have a claim?

How much must I pay if I have a claim?

How do I make a claim?

You should report to us immediately. We will ask you for the following:

Can I cancel the policy ?

You should report to us immediately.

You may cancel the policy at any time by telling us in writing via email to talktous@takafulafrica.co.ke. We may cancel the policy by giving you seven days’ written notice to your last known address. We will charge you on a pro rata basis for the time we have been on cover plus an administration fee of Ksh.1,000 and pay any refund due to you. There will be no refund if we have paid a claim or one is outstanding at the time you cancel your policy.

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