Afya Medical Cover

What is unique about AFYA Takaful

An ethical and morally principled Insurance Scheme
Cover available for more than one female spouse
Surplus sharing (if any) from the Risk Fund is payable annually for participants with a loss ratio of less than 60%
Re-imbursement up to 100%
Quality Healthcare

Corporate Eligibility

Be registered by State Law office & Kenya Revenue Authority
Engaged in occupation/business that is in line with moral and ethical principles
Minimum of 10 employees can obtain cover

Age Eligibility?

Children covered from birth (38weeks to 18 years, this can be extended up to 25 years subject to proof of full time learning)
Maximum joining age is 65 years

What is covered?

Under your Inpatient cover:

  1. Pre-existing, Chronic, Cancer and HIV AIDS covered within the
    inpatient limit
  2. Congenital defects or related illnesses
    (conditions that a person is born with)
  3.  Prematurity conditions
  4.  Psychiatric conditions
  5. First emergency caesarean Section within inpatient
  6.  Maternity and related complications
    (e.g. ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage etc)
  7.  Road and air evacuation in case of an emergency
  8.  Lodger Fee for children below 7 years of age
  9.  Cover outside Kenya on holiday & business for a period of six weeks
    from date of travel
  10.  Evacuation abroad for treatment not locally available.
  11.  Qualified and dedicated personnel with ability to address customer
  12.  Antiretroviral drugs are covered
  13.  Inpatient illness related optical cover per family within inpatient
  14.  Inpatient illness related dental cover per family within inpatient

Under your Outpatient Cover:

  1. Consultation with a general practitioner
  2.  Consultation with a specialist upon referral by a general practitioner up to the specialist’s charges
  3. Laboratory investigations and tests
  4.  X-Rays
  5.  Prescription medicines
  6.  Outpatient procedures e.g. Dressings
  7.  Physiotherapists fees
  8.  KEPI vaccinations up to 1.5 years.
  9.  Day care procedures
  10.  Pre-existing, Chronic, Cancer and HIV AIDS covered to the full
    outpatient limit
  11. Congenital defects or related illnesses
    (conditions that a person is born with)
  12.  Prematurity conditions
  13.  Psychiatric conditions

We also have additional benefits that can be taken at an
additional contribution?

Maternity Cover
Dental Cover
Optical Cover